Mabel Is Over The B.S. & Ready For A Night Out In ‘Don’t Call Me Up’

Rising British star Mabel has been buzzing for quite some time thanks to her unique mix of R&B, pop and other influences to create something altogether her own. Her 2017 EP Bedroom and mixtape Ivy To Roses gave us an idea of what to expect from the singer in the future, but her reissue of the latter set earlier this year gave us six added songs, including her newest single and video, "Don't Call Me Up."

Rather than a typical breakup song, "Don't Call Me Up" is more akin to a self-love anthem as the young singer tells a lover that she's through giving him chances. She lets him know that she's actually quite good and over his lies. As a matter of fact, she's actually much better now that he's out of the door. The fun video picks up on those vibes, with Mabel gathering her girls as she pampers herself and heads out for a night on the town to wash him out of hair and drink him out of her mind. Of course there's plenty of dancing involved as the song's bouncing groove leads to choreographed moments, but there's also plenty of feisty attitude to go around as the legacy talent makes it known that she ain't studying her ex anymore.

If you're reeling from a breakup, recent or otherwise, allow Mabel to show you hot to move on the right way in "Don't Call Me Up" below.