A Praise Party Awaits At Samm Henshaw’s ‘Church’

Statistically speaking, about one-third of Americans do not attend any type of religious service (and don't plan on starting anytime soon, for that matter). But for those that attend church on a regular basis, chances are, it's one of the highlights of the week. And even though we'd never skip out on our standing appointment to worship God and fellowship with the saints, the truth is that some mornings, we'd rather stay in bed or just chill. Whether religious or not, our boy Samm Henshaw knows just how you feel and wrote a song about it, too.

His latest single "Church" is a bop and the perfect pick-me-up for those days when we'd rather pull the covers over our heads. Now that he's dropped the playful visuals for the track, it just might inspire the non-believers to don their Sunday best and "put a praise on it" as well. Directed by Chris Muir and Carlos Lopez Estrada, the rousing clip centers on a church service where a few key members (including an adorable mother and son) are running late. Samm is cruising the streets of L.A. on a cloud, and featured artists EARTHGANG are speeding in from a galaxy, far, far away. Just as the pastor is wrapping up his sermon, the unorthodox trio arrives and disrupts service as they awkwardly make their way down the center aisle – "usher finger" and all. It's all good, though. Without missing a beat, the choir and congregation resume their praise and make us wish we were on the front pew.

As Henshaw expounds in a recent interview with Complex UK, "My fight with my parents was, 'Listen, if you really want me to be into this, and get it, let me do it for myself.' But eventually in my own time, I found my way back. Now, I go pretty much every Sunday!" Check the visuals below, download your copy of "Church," and when the weekend rolls around, "Wake up and get yourself to church!"

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