Slim & Mike Of 112 Have Big Plans For You ‘Tonight’

Slim & Mike of 112 fame released their single "Tonight" this past December and now they've released an animated lyric video. In the mostly black-and-white clip, we watch the two serenading a buxom beauty from the bedroom to the red carpet.

The visual starts with cartoon Slim singing to his topless bae on the bed and laying out the plans for the night. Meanwhile, Mike sings in the rain in a recreation of a classic R&B music video trope, and later we see a swanky red convertible riding around the city at night. Toward the end, the clip takes an unexpected turn as we watch outlined figures of a couple getting it on in multiple sexual positions to punctuate Slim's lyrics as he sings, "Oh, I'mma beat it, I'mma eat it tonight." The lyric video ends with the red car speeding off into the night, leaving the viewer to wonder what happens next. Although we're pretty sure what's about to go down (pun intended).

"Tonight" signals the beginning of a new project that Slim & Mike are currently working on. They continue to tour the country under the 112 brand while former bandmates Q. Parker and Daron Jones stick to their solo projects. As we wait for more new music from Slim & Mike and the new 112, watch their lyric video below and see if it puts you in the mood to get it in with your boo "Tonight."

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