The CrossRhodes Celebrate Women Everywhere On ‘Look At You’

Raheem DeVaughn and Wes Felton, who occasionally team up to become the supergroup known as The CrossRhodes, have a treat in store for lovers everywhere. Fans of their debut album, 2017's Footprints On The Moon, will be glad to know that they now have a music video for the track "Look At You." While previous singles and videos were more conscious or filled with social commentary, the duo shows off their softer side with the visual for “Look At You,” a love letter to women of all shades and sizes across the world.

Over a bass heavy groove, DeVaughn and Felton share sweet nothings about a few women who have caught their eyes. Raheem sets the mood, serenading his audience with understated but relatable lyrics like, “We start to talkin’ / We start to flirtin’/ We start to drinkin’ / Funny how time flies.” Slight work for the DMV native. Meanwhile, Wes gives us a spoken word piece. While spoken word could come off as corny in a love song, he more than adequately pulls it off to keep the sexy vibe going. Raheem’s harmonizing in the background certainly doesn't hurt either.

For the visual, the guys have crafted a simple yet sleek and sexy clip that showcases multiple women who are, “beautiful like words in a poem written by Maya Angelou”-- or written by Wes Felton for that matter. The clip changes from simple black and white to color to violet hued scenes. This change in color helps set the mood, as it highlights women in various settings around the house party who catch the attention of some DMV creatives in attendance, such as Hippie Life Krew members Visto and Pinky KillaCorn, rapper Adé and artist Demont Pinder.

While Valentine’s Day may be over, it's always the right time to express love like this, and The CrossRhodes get the job done with "Look At You." Take a look at their latest right here.

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