Tink Gets Romantic On ‘Falling In Love’

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, which means that everyone's thoughts are turning to love and romance. That means we can expect a bombardment of ads, cards, candy and songs dedicated to love and those who love it. It seems no one is immune to the love bug and rapper/singer Tink is no exception as she proves with the release of her first single of 2019, "Falling In Love."

As the title would have you think, "Falling In Love" is all about Tink getting deep into her romantic feelings about her boo. "I done fell in love with the real thing" are the first words she utters on the track, but they aren't the last you'll hear about her love in the song's three-minute runtime. She spends the time telling us exactly why her man has her all caught up and detailing exactly what she'll do for love. "You put me on the top / And I like the way we rock / And I promise I'mma love you 'til my heartbeat stops," she spits over the romantic and bass-heavy groove. While the bass and drums make this one easy for a rapper as skilled as Tink to ride, she also decides to give fans a taste of her vocals as well. The sugary sweet stylings aren't just limited to a few ad-libs and a chorus either, as she gives adequate time to showcase both sides of her musical talent equally and make this one a love affair we don't want to see end.

Tink hasn't made any announcements about what she plans to do musically this year, but we can only hope that a new project is in the works. Until then, we'll start getting ready for V-Day by putting "Falling In Love" on our playlists. You might want to do the same after you give the track a spin.

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