JMSN Takes Us Back In His ‘Explicit’ Visual

JMSN's Velvet was one of the best albums of 2018. Packed to the brim with smooth R&B jams like "So Badly" and "Talk Is Cheap" and sung from his unique point of view, how could you not love it? Now, the Detroit-hailing alt R&B star might have given us 2019's best visual with the release of the video for his new single "Explicit."

The video takes us back — way back — to simpler times when making music videos meant just showing the artist singing at random places around their 'hood. That's exactly what happens in the Sebastian Maldonado-directed clip. JMSN hams it up in his white tee and blue jeans in various shots. Adding to the nostalgia factor are a few key details, from the nerdy shades with yellow trim to the honey wheat Timbs and, most importantly, the yellow and black flip phone. Everything looks like he stepped off the set of a video from the late '90s or (very) early 2000s, even down to the shots of him chilling while sitting on the porch, the bumper of a Benz and the corner of a roof.

What does this aesthetic have to do with a slow jam about misunderstood romantic motives? Who knows and, honestly, who cares? This video is more than enough fun to watch just for the sheer nostalgia factor alone. See what we mean when you take a peek.

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