Loyle Carner Taps Jorja Smith To Help Him Tie Up His ‘Loose Ends’

The UK is in the building. Though we associate hip-hop and R&B with America due to the roots of both genres, we can't forget that both have gone global. One place that you can find a regular stream of talent in the two is with our cousins in the UK, which has produced artists like rapper Loyle Carner and budding R&B it girl Jorja Smith. The talented twosome has put their talents together for Loyle's latest single "Loose Ends."

"Loose Ends" isn't your typical boastful hip-hop track. As a matter of fact, it's a downright tender ballad that finds Loyle getting introspective as he looks at the amount of support he has now and his lack of support in the past. He spits quick, confessional rhymes about growing up and painful moments, including the many struggles of youth and the death of his stepfather. Backing him up is a somber backdrop of piano, bass, drums and Jorja's voice as she puts melody to his pain on the chorus. "In love, when the going is tough / I wait 'til it falls on deaf ears," she sings. "Hearsay, without the boundaries of love / My take is, I wish there was a better way." While this all might seem like a downer, listening to Loyle speak so candidly about his own life and times actually provides a kind of catharsis, which is what good music is all about.

Take a listen to the two Brits coming together on "Loose Ends" below.

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