Such Keeps It Sophisticated & Sexy ‘Before Dark’

Following the release of her sultry ballad "Before Dark," singer/songwriter Such continues to give both old and new fans exactly what they crave. At a time when a lot of mainstream artists, especially those of the female persuasion, seem to compete over who can make the biggest spectacle of themselves in the name of clickbait, the Bounce-Worthy beauty chooses regality over ratchet and tasteful over tawdry for her new video.

Clearly comfortable and content in her own skin, the visual is a dazzling display of how subtlety can be quite sexy. In between shots of Such and her beau sharing a laugh on a beach or stealing time punctuated with sweet, simple gestures like gentle kisses on her hand in a candlelit room, we catch glimpses of our siren laying on a leather couch draped in a silky, deep-cut crimson gown. She expands on the song’s sentiment of seizing the moment beyond a love affair to include themes of friendship and self-care. We see her surrounded by friends, pouring drinks and enjoying music, prompting us to reminisce on those times that may have become few and far between as we grow older, folks move away and priorities change. Finally, the joy captured in performance shots of her alone, donned in an off-the-shoulder, white mini-dress in a serene, spa-like setting reminds us of the importance of time alone to celebrate your being and reflect.

There’s something deliberately delicate yet striking about the VENA-directed visual, and perhaps that’s exactly what Such was going for. She says she was adamant that the video be directed by not only a woman but a woman of color. After casting her request among the Twitter universe, she was offered her pick of a plethora of brilliant and talented creatives. Having only worked with male directors previously, she says “Sexuality and sensuality comes through completely differently through the female lens, it shows in this video.”

Watch Such’s “Before Dark” below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to add the track to your Adult Time playlist from your favorite digital platform. Keep an eye out for her new EP, which is reportedly due out this spring. In the meantime, SoulBouncers in Denver, Colorado Springs and Los Angeles can check her website for tickets to her upcoming live shows.


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