Tank And The Bangas Announce New Album ‘Green Balloon’ & Draw Us Into Their World With ‘Ants’

Birthed from the New Orleans open mic scene in 2011, creating a musical gumbo of jazz, funk, R&B, hip hop and spoken word, Tank and The Bangas took hearts and ears by storm. The band won the 2017 Tiny Desk Contest and scored a record deal with Verve Forecast. Now they’re getting ready release their first LP, Green Balloon, a coming of age reference to the band maturing in the industry. “The whole album really is my journey for sure, and ours” Tank told NPR. “Green Balloon is a sister to Think Tank (2013). Think Tank was 12. Green Balloon is 16 and having sex. She’s out there.”

The first single “Ants,” a perfect example of Tank and The Bangas' genre-bending sound, finds the group reflecting on the little things in life and how they’re moving on to bigger and better. The video brings their journey to life in a hyperspeed illustrated video. We watch as an artist interprets the song's lyrics literally and metaphorically in living color.

Green Balloon will give us plenty of Tank and The Bangas to love, with a whopping 17 tracks. The project includes production from Jack Splash, Mark Batson, Zaytoven and Robert Glasper, with Glasper also listed as a featured artist along with Alex Isley and Pell. You can check out the Green Balloon tracklist along with the video for “Ants” below.

Tank and The Bangas Green Balloon tracklist:

1. Colors Introduction
2. Spaceships
3. Dope Girl Magic
4. Ants
5. Hot Air Balloons (feat. Alex Isley)
6. Forgetfulness
7. Get Up Interlude (feat. Robert Glasper)
8. Too High Prelude
9. I Don't Get High
10. Happy Town feat. Pell
11. Nice Things
12. Smoke.Netflix.Chill.
13. Floating Interlude
14. Mr. Lion
15. In London Interlude (feat. Robert Glasper)
16. Lazy Daze (feat. Robert Glasper)
17. Colors Change



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