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Raz-B Has Another Meltdown On Millennium Tour

The Millennium Tour might be thrilling fans, but it seems to be taking its toll on B2K member Raz B. After saying that he was quitting the tour — and then walking that statement back — the singer stormed off stage in the middle of a set in Nashville. Fans caught the incident on camera, with some remarking that he was having a "meltdown." For his part, Raz offered up a statement via IG Stories that provided somewhat of a clue into what's going on. "It really sucks, this being my dream tour," he wrote in the message. "It's not right! I'm the spirit of the group! I'm clearly alone in this!" Later in the message, he shouts out Omarion for being there for him when no one else would. We're not sure what's going on with Raz, but we definitely hope he can work it out. #PrayingForYouBruh

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