VanJess Get Ethereal In The Visual For ‘Honeywheat’

VanJess chose the name of their debut album Silk Canvas well. The songs found on the set are nothing if not silky smooth, with the duo's harmonies and lush production often creating a sensual mood effortlessly. No track is more exemplary of this than the seductive "Honeywheat." Perhaps that's why they chose it as the next song from the album to get the visual treatment.

As with previous treatments, "Honeywheat" is pretty simple in concept. The ladies lounge around with a few friends and rock unique fashions as they sing the song. However, what sets this one apart from their others is the look of it all. It opens with the sisters draped in shimmery, champagne-colored fabric as the other women flank them on either side similarly draped in other shades. This conjures up images of ethereal goddesses, making the clip look like a living and breathing work of art. It's a theme that flows throughout the video, with the duo tapping into their inner goddesses in more dreamy looks amid alternating backgrounds. It all puts us in the mind of another video with a similar feel, FKJ's "Vibin' Out With (((O)))."

Clearly, VanJess has this sensual thing on lock. Check out their latest below and be sure to pick up Silk Canvas if you haven't already added it to your collection.