Leven Kali & Syd Hit The Cali Streets On Cruise Control In ‘Do U Wrong’

Now that it's finally starting to thaw out, everyone's starting to look forward to the warm days that summer has to bring. Of course, if you're living in sunny Southern California, it's like that every day of the year. Just ask Leven Kali and Syd. The twosome may have gotten together more than a year ago for the laid-back single "Do U Wrong" but they're just now getting around to dropping a video for the track. Thankfully, it was well worth the wait.

The clip mainly focuses on them driving around the sunny streets of LA in a jeep on their way to meet a couple of cuties. But for some reason, they can't seem to keep their heads out of the clouds. Syd dreams of laying on a bed of flowers while chilling with the curly Afro'd girl of her dreams as the song's mellow groove kicks in. For Leven, he's bathing in a tub full of flowers and hanging out in the mountains with his homies. That all seems nice enough, but their good vibes are soon interrupted when the cops pull them over. From there, well, let's just say things get a little crazy.

What exactly happens, you ask? Hit play below to discover out Leven Kali and Syd's latest musical adventure.

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