McClenney Sends Us His ‘SOS’ & Shows Us ‘Love In The Sky’

He's already given us his stunning debut EP Portrait In Two, a handful of loosies and lent his talents to hits by several of your faves. However, a new year means a new Chris McClenney — literally. The multitalented singer/producer/instrumentalist/songwriter (you name it) has officially changed his moniker to simply McClenney and released two new singles — "SOS" and "Love In The Sky" — ahead of his upcoming EP I'm Not Here.

"SOS," the first of the tracks released, is a dreamy number bathed in guitar strings and throbbing bass that shows off McClenney's growing R&B sensibilities. The slow jam finds him flexing his falsetto on the verse as he sings, "Could you take me with you? / With you, heaven's with you." He then lets his lover know that not only is her love everything he needs but that she's "out here savin' my life." It's a lovey-dovey theme that continues with his recently released track "Love In The Sky." Tapping duo  April + VISTA, he crafts a duet that is hauntingly beautiful. This time, he sets the mood with airy synths and bass, creating a slightly different feel. It's here that his voice is met by April + VISTA's April George, who is a fitting partner. Their voices coming together at the end of her verse is just as fantastical as the song's premise of love taking you higher than you could ever imagine.

Whatever McClenney is doing, we must admit that we're all the way here for it. You will be too when you take a listen to both tracks right here. And, because we like him and you as well, you can stick around to watch a video of him covering Radiohead's "Karma Police" after you're done. McClenney's EP I'm Not Here will arrive this Friday, April 5th.

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