Let Steve Lacy’s Latest Get ‘N Side’ You

If you're a fan of The Internet and its members, then May will be a special month for you. The group took to their official Twitter account this week to announce that two solo albums would be coming from their crew — with one arriving this month and another coming next month. They didn't specify from whom the projects would be coming but, given that Steve Lacy just dropped his latest single "N Side," we think it's a safe bet that he'll be in the number.

On "N Side," Steve gets a bit sexual and sensual on us. The track begins with a warm, percolating rhythm offset by the heavy thump of a kick drum. Steve's voice soon joins along with strummed guitar. "Meet me outside of my palace," he sings. "Don't need no approval, girl you 'bout it." And, apparently, Steve is 'bout it too as the song packs on the innuendo and direct statements as to what he plans on doing and how he'll make it last. It all comes to a head as he sings on the chorus, "Inside, inside, tell me is it inside?" While it all comes off as rather racy, a spoken word interlude mid-song brings things to a slightly more innocent place as he asks if the feelings being expressed during these intimate moments are really coming from inside her heart. That's cute and all but with a groove this sensual, you already know that the intentions here all aim toward the bedroom.

We're digging "N Side" and if the (possibly) upcoming second solo set from Steve Lacy sounds anything like 2017's Steve Lacy's Demo then we're in for a treat. Listen to the track below and join us in hoping and wishing the new project into existence.