a l l i e Serves Up Another Musical ‘hi-lite’

a l l i e has been bubbling up on our radar since at least 2015, and she continues to entrance us each time she drops something new. Since first being introduced to her on songs like her Illa J collaboration "Sunflower" and her own single "Tundra," a l l i e has dropped some of our favorite modern soul tracks. That includes the singer-songwriter's latest release, "hi-lite."

"hi-lite" revisits the neo-soul sound of the early 2000s — but with a hint of the modern age incorporated to make the track sound extra fresh. The groove starts with a lilting guitar riff and keys before building more layers with the addition of 808 and drums. The singer takes it from there as she sings about a lover who has her caught up in their rapture. "I don't even know where I'm going / I just wanna feel the rush of your velvet touch," she coos sweetly in the first verse as she describes how this love feels, accepting the push and pull of all that comes with it.

"'hi-lite' was inspired by the ebbs and flows of a romantic relationship," she told Flaunt. "You have doubts, you question things, but you ultimately push through and hit a tipping point that lands you somewhere that's even better than before. Once you hit that, you're so thankful you didn't give up."

The dreamy soul of "hi-lite" will definitely be the highlight of your day. All you have to do to experience it is press play below.

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