Izzy Bizu Creates A Mood With Her ‘Lights On’

British singer Izzy Bizu has made her share of waves over her short time in the business, especially across the pond. Now it looks like the singer-songwriter looks to be making some waves in the States. That's thanks in part to her vibe-y new EP Glita and her slow burn of a lead single "Lights On." Further adding fuel to the smoldering fire of a track is the recent release of the song's video.

One listen to "Lights On" and you can see why it's catching ears. Its production is thick with a late night mood thanks to the initial sounds of distorted synths against simple drums. However, by the song's chorus her sweet and supple voice is joined by warm, flowing bass and haunting synth chords. Marry that with lyrics full of not-so-veiled innuendo and you have the makings of a seductive head turner. Izzy ups this ante with beautifully shot visual. We meet her in the streets of London after hours. She strolls down the streets before eventually hailing a cab and taking in views of the city on her way to her destination while bathed in blue light. Before all is said and done, though, a mysterious yet familiar passenger joins her on her driverless journey.

With its air of mystery and sensuality, "Lights On" will surely have you running to pick up Glita. Luckily, you can pick it up for purchase at your favorite digital retailer. But before you do that, get seduced by her mysterious video for "Lights On" right here.