Monica Is Giddy In Love On ‘Me + You’

Monica might've recently filed for divorce in her real life but musically she's doing just fine. The first single from her upcoming Chapter 38, "Commitment," found her putting in a personal request for exactly what she wanted. Now  it seems the Atlanta-based songstress is downright giddy if you're judging by her latest single "Me + You."

The upbeat track is filled with bright, happy synths that flutter and buzz about like butterflies around her vocals. Meanwhile, 808s keep everything anchored and allow the  addition of trappy drums to not seem jarring. Monica, meanwhile, rides the beat happily as she describes what it's like to love her man. "When I'm with you the whole world stops," she sings on the chorus. "When I'm with you / I forget about everything that's wrong." On the verses, she's positively gushing about her love, describing what it's like to lounge in her lover's arms all day and bragging that she doesn't see anyone else but him. It's a sweet sentiment and one that's sure to resonate with all the lovers in the house.

Is this one giving us anything different from the Monica we already know and love? Not really — and there's nothing wrong with that. We're sure there will be more signature tracks like this when the singer's Chapter 38 arrives later this year.

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