PJ Morton Will Leave You ‘Yearning For’ His Take On This Gap Band Classic

With Memorial Day next weekend, the most wonderful time of the year is officially upon us: cookout season. Just as integral to cookout season as the food is the music that's played while you fellowship with family and friends. Well, PJ Morton has got you covered with one new addition to the soundtrack of your summer fun with his take on The Gap Band's classic song "Yearning For Your Love."

While it would have been easy for him to deliver us a carbon copy of the 1980 ballad, he injects it with a hefty dose of the Morton soul that we know and love so much. Still smooth in all the right places, some well-placed finger snaps inject it with just enough bounce to make it perfect for a little two-step alongside your loved ones. His layered vocals effortlessly deliver the romantic lyrics without falling victim to trying to mimic Charlie Wilson's signature baritone.

Morton's "Yearning For Your Love" is the latest single to come from the seemingly never-not-working musician. Fresh off of his Keys and a Mic Acoustic Tour, the multi-talented artist is showing no signs of slowing down with upcoming dates in Texas, Florida and in his hometown of New Orleans for ESSENCE Festival's 25th anniversary celebration. And knowing how the Live Show Killa gets down, there are sure to be more dates added to his schedule in the near future. In the meantime, kick back and cool out to this fresh take on an R&B classic.

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