Slim & Mike Keep 112 Going For ‘Tonight’

The group 112 has undergone some changes over the years. The quartet is now a duo, comprised of original members Slim and Mike KeithQ. Parker and Daron Jones have kissed the group goodbye and appear to have been replaced by two dancers from the looks of the new music video for the song "Tonight."

Originally released late last year, "Tonight" was the debut single from Slim & Mike under their new duo's name – or so we thought. The fellas apparently decided to scrap that and decided to just move forward with the song under the 112 banner. They dropped a lyric video earlier this year, and now they're keeping things moving with the official music video featuring Slim and Mike front and center at Atlanta's Museum of Modern Perspective. The fellas roll up to the hot spot with their ladies and turn heads away from the artwork in their direction. Slim and Mike hold court once inside the museum while patrons sip on drinks and mull around. They're joined in performance scenes by the aforementioned dancers who seemed to just be there so they wouldn't get fined as everyone had a hard time keeping up with the choreography. The clip ends with Slim and Mike surrounded by the museum patrons admiring the big reveal of an abstract painting of 112's logo.

For a song about having all the sex, the "Tonight" music video didn't deliver anything remotely risque, titillating or even sexy. The lyric video actually did a better job of showcasing the track's theme. This clip is a bit of a miss, but hopefully 112 2.0 will redeem themselves with future visuals for songs from their upcoming EP.

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