The SoulBounce Q&A: Rahsaan Patterson Opens Up About ‘Heroes & Gods,’ His Sex Symbol Status & Discovering New Passions

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SB: I know it's like picking your favorite child but I have to ask — what is your favorite record on this album?

RP: You know, they're all so different and they all represent a specific kind of mood and space. Depending on where I'm at in my music, to listen to my records, I might be in the mood for "Sweet Memories" and I'll play [it] for two days because I'm reflecting on the growth that has transpired from the relationship that inspired that song and I'm able to listen to and hear the growth and hear my journey and appreciate it more. Not appreciate the song more but appreciate my growth listening to that song and reflecting. Other days it may be "Catch Me When I Fall" because I'm just in the car, sun is shining and I'm about to be shopping. So it's not so much about a favorite. It's more of whatever mood I'm in if I'm listening to my own s**t and what I gravitate to. Because they're all favorites and I always put my favorites on my records. I only complete a record and turn it in because it's full of my favorites.

SB: That sounds like a mama saying, "I love all my kids," but I'll give you that.

RP: [laughs] It's true, though! Of course, you have the kid that you're closer to based on personality type. You love 'em all but you rock with one because their personality you can f**k with as a friend even as their parent. Maybe not so much the other ones because of their personality type. There is truth to that. Music journalists ask that question and they really get tired of that answer from artists because they expect that you do have a favorite. But the reality is they're all you or else they wouldn't be on the album.

SB: If someone were to pick up Heroes & Gods what would you want them to take away from the experience?

RP: Hmm. Mostly, not to really have expectations and to be fine and comfortable with whatever the result is — even if it goes against the expectations you have. And that's in life in general and it's also as the listener who may feel like, "Rahsaan Patterson's back now because he's recorded a track like 'Sent From Heaven' and it's like his first album and has live musicians on it." Because they prefer that, which is totally fine. However, don't think that because you heard "Sent From Heaven" that's what this whole album is gonna be, you know what I'm sayin'? Because of social media, I've been privy to people's comments who basically think that. Like, "Oh my God, I hope this album is gonna be full of that." And it's like, I read that and I laugh to myself because it's not full of that. So prepare yourself to not hear a whole album of that. And once you hear that the whole album is not that, be OK with that. Accept what it is even though your expectations might not have been met and allow yourself to sit your expectations aside and take it in for what it is. And know that this is my story that I'm sharing and, if you relate to it, that's fine. However, it was not recorded and meant to be your story. It's mine.

SB: As always, we always like to end by asking, "What makes your soul bounce?" So, what makes Rahsaan Patterson's soul bounce?

RP: My little cousins make my soul bounce. [They] remind me of what it is to exist before fear sets in. They remind me of what is to be carefree. They remind me of what it is to challenge. I don't mean an Instagram challenge. I mean to challenge with honesty and questions that make people have to think and find ways to articulate to a child so that it makes complete sense to them. So my little cousins — and children in general — make my soul bounce big time.

SB: Aww, that's so sweet!

RP: It's real, though!

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