Bey Bright’s ‘Sexy Love’ Is A ‘Beautiful Thing’

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Last September, DMV-based producer Bey Bright broke us off with the EP Soul Nostalgia, which sounded straight outta the '90s with its throwback R&B vibes blended with related genres popular during that era. Bright continues to give us throwback feels with his latest releases, the songs "Sexy Love" and "Beautiful Thing."

Bey dropped the single "Sexy Love" earlier this spring, but the track is well-suited for summer loving and kicking back. "Sexy Love" features vocals from Ezinne, who was one of the singers on Soul Nostalgia, and she rides the mid-tempo, hip-hop soul beat with the ease of Mary J. Blige or Faith Evans. Ezinne is head over heels for her man and can't get enough of his sexy self over the course of the two-step worthy track.

Bright keeps the soul and the nostalgia coming on his new single "Beautiful Thing." The track kicks off with Bey himself flexing his vocals on a verse before handing the mic over to songstress Donáe who holds things down for the rest of the song. If you listen closely, you will also hear another voice throughout the song: a sample from Rick James' "Glow" during the chorus. Much like Ezinne on "Sexy Love," Donáe is smitten with her lover on "Beautiful Thing," and she is not afraid to let him or the world know.

With "Sexy Love" and "Beautiful Thing," Bey Bright has two more jams on his hands. He's consistently on point and has a knack for digging in R&B's crates and using what he's found to produce fresh, funky and familiar music. Look out for more to come from Bey Bright's way, but in the between time give these two tracks a spin and add them to your summertime playlists.

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