Get A Look At Gallant’s Footwork In ‘Sharpest Edges’

After numerous teases, it looks like Gallant is finally gearing up to release his sophomore album. He's already dropped the official lead single for the untitled upcoming project, "Sharpest Edges," which finds him singing about the kind of love that can cut deep yet hurt so good while doing it. Now, the singer-songwriter is bringing the single to life with the uniquely shot visual for the track.

You can already tell that this video is different by the way that it's shot: from the knees down. That's right folks, we're pretty much staring at Gallant's feet during the majority of the three-and-a-half-minute video. Despite the limited viewpoint, though, director Bennett Johnson coaxes out an interesting narrative. We see Gallant soft-shoeing it around his own damn house and hiding behind corners in slides. It's not until we see who the bare legs and stilettos of a femme fatale that we understand exactly why. As he tries to go about his regular day, she clicks and clacks her way around the place while pretty much dominating his space. Gallant tries to confront her directly, but it's not until he hides himself from her that she decides to leave and allows him to be truly free and we actually see his face. But not so fast, sir. Just as the video closes, she commits one last act to let him know who's wearing the shoes in this relationship.

We don't know what impresses us more, the undeniable groove of the track or the fact that Gallant has gotten us to watch his feet for almost four minutes. Either way, we're definitely anticipating what he's got coming next. Check out the video for "Sharpest Edges" below.

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