H.E.R. & YBN Cordae Teach That ‘Racks’ Can’t Buy You Happiness

Though she's been pretty damn successful in the past, it's looking more and more like this is H.E.R.'s year. She's become one of R&B's most talked about acts and shows no signs of slowing down her momentum any time soon. In fact, the rising star is fresh off wowing the crowd at this year's BET Awards alongside featured guest YBN Cordae while performing her thought-provoking track "Lord Is Coming." The pairing wasn't a one-off, though, as H.E.R. has also tapped Cordae to appear on her new single, "Racks."

Unlike most songs on the radio, "Racks" doesn't glorify the material things in life. Yes, the singer does hint at fat pockets, diamonds and other finery. However, she also hints at the downside of all that disposable income. "All of your racks and things (racks) / All of your racks and things (all of your racks) / They don't relax your pain / Yeah, yeah, yeah," she sings along on the chorus as the subdued production — based around 808, guitar and synths — bumps along. Cordae, meanwhile, contributes a verse that seems floss-tastic at first but then delves deeper to reveal that all those dollars and cents can't buy love or hide loneliness. For a song about dough, it's unexpectedly quite deep.

Ever since dropping a series of EPs, folks have been waiting for a proper album of all-new material from H.E.R. Could "Racks" be a sign of what's to come? Who knows. Still, we're glad to see that the budding star has no plans of slowing her roll any time soon. Get into her new joint "Racks" when you press play below.

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