Salaam Remi & Terrace Martin Blend Both Coasts On ‘Northside Of Linden, Westside Of Slauson’ EP

When super-producers Salaam Remi and Terrace Martin dropped their single "Carrot Juice" back in March, we began counting the days until the release of their joint EP Northside of Linden, Westside of Slauson. That day is now upon us and, as expected, the full project is well worth the wait. As the title indicates, the EP captures the energy of their respective hometowns, creating a seamless pairing of the utopian unbotheredness of California with the bustling realness of the New York state of mind.

A stark contrast to Salaam’s recently released EP BoxTalk with Brooklyn’s own Joell Ortiz, this collaboration is 24 minutes of jazz-infused instrumentals and picks up literally where the vibe of the lead single left off. Terrace’s saxophone is a spirited compliment to the organ played on the second track, “ChickenNWaffles Baptist Church,” and from there intoxicating drum kicks attempt to take center stage on “Dap Dap Dap,” “Nautical Mile” and “Lychee Unlimited.” Things zone out a bit with the last two, aptly-titled tracks, “OuterVisions” and “Sativa Park,” with muted horns and spacey synth work.

Overall the seven-track EP provides the perfect soundtrack for a late-night drive, especially those with no particular destination. Lively enough to keep the listener from dozing off, the project maintains a vibe mellow enough to leave one alone with their thoughts. Each track flawlessly flows into the next making it a top contender for continuous rotation in the car, the office or the crib for both old-school jazz lovers and more contemporary listeners.

Check out Salaam Remi and Terrace Martin’s Northside of Linden, Westside of Slauson and be sure to add the EP to your collection from your favorite digital platform. While we still await the follow-up to Salaam’s 2016 Do It For The Culture album, as well as Terrace’s much-anticipated Drones project, this latest offering will certainly keep fans satisfied in the meantime.

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