Sidibe Leaves Us Breathless With ‘Hold Your Breath’

If you haven't been able to tell, we're totally mesmerized by Sidibe. And, quite honestly, you should be, too. She's been enchanting us for years now with her unique take on soul and R&B that can be both sultry and hard-hitting depending on her goal. She's also pretty prolific. This year alone she's given us a stellar R&B makeover of Shania Twain's "You're Still The One" and her own original track "Complacent Love." She returns for a third time with the release of her latest single "Hold Your Breath."

For the song, Sidibe is taking on a familiar subject matter: forbidden love. A warm, lush soundbed — which includes slowly percolating percussion, warm keys and the placement of a woozy flute at key moments — to detail the dangerous infatuation that's building within her. "Told my baby I would never lie / Never really had a reason why / So it seemed until you walked into my world," she coos breathlessly on the song's opening verse. "Can't remember how it all began / Now I'm having thoughts of you not him / Guess I never thought I'd act like that." Though she's trying to be good for her man at home, her mind can't stop focusing on the immediate attraction that's brewing between her and this new guy. And she, just like us, knows exactly where this is going. Sidibe beautifully paints the picture of a woman who's at a crossroads of what's right and what she's longing for, with her vocal capturing both the lust and concern that the situation is causing her.

With so many singles, you'd think that the songstress might be cookin' up a little somethin', somethin' in the studio. While she's playing that one close to the chest, you can listen to "Hold Your Breath" below and then scoop up your own copy to enjoy over and over again.

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