SoulBounce Exclusive: Jada Michael Reminisces On ‘Coolin’ It’

The first day of summer is almost here, and we are so ready for our favorite season to kick off. Yes, we have copious amounts of warm weather frolicking and fun in the sun planned during the next few months, but summertime is also the perfect time to kick back and relax (while working on your tan, of course). If you have plans to summer and chill, then singer Jada Michael has something new for your playlists with her single "Coolin' It," and SoulBounce is bringing it to you in an exclusive world premiere.

Jada Michael keeps things super chill on "Coolin' It," a piano-driven love letter to growing up in Miami and bygone days that were much simpler and more carefree. "'Coolin' It' is an homage to my hometown of Miami and to my youth in general," Jada tells us about the song that she originally wrote as a teen. "I didn’t realize it at the time, but I wrote 'Coolin’ It' at an age when life was SO much less complicated than it was about to get; I was 16!" Jada reminisces about everything from Happy Meals to smoking trees on "Coolin' It," singing of that age when you're no longer little but not yet grown but dibbling and dabbling in both childish and adult things.

Cool out to Jada Michael's "Coolin' It" right here, and don't be surprised if it leads you to get nostalgic about your own good old younger days. For more from the up-and-coming songstress, check for her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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