Brent Faiyaz Is Looking For A Little ‘Trust’

Fresh off his appearance on GoldLink’s "Crew," Brent Faiyaz released his six-track EP Lost last October. Short but sweet, the project dealt with themes of trust, self-reliance and becoming accustomed to living in the spotlight. His latest release from the set, "Trust," is a ballad where the artist explores his need to trust people now that his world is turning upside down. Of the track, Faiyaz told Billboard, "'Trust' is my vent. In 2018, nothing is sacred. Everyone is everywhere and knows everybody….[There's] no more privacy. Strangers having opinions about me is one of the wildest things I've had to come to terms with."

Over a percolating mid-tempo groove with a throwback feel, Brent sings to the woman he wants in his life, asking if he can trust her with his heart. He needs someone in his corner that he can truly be vulnerable with, so he sings, "And I know that I get rough / I just want to feel love / Sometimes." The production sounds like a mid-'90s hip-hop beat. In fact, you’d expect to hear a verse by someone from Boot Camp Clik or Mobb Deep over the sparse track's deep bass, which serves as a great balance to Brent’s lithe vocals.

Directed by Lonewolf, the concept for the song's video is that Brent is stuck in a homieloverfriend relationship that’s not quite meeting his needs. The clip starts with Brent in bed with a lovely dark-skinned model under the covers. She gets dressed and leaves without giving Brent as much as a hug. We later find out that Brent is her thing on the side and that things are very complicated between the two. While Brent takes the situation in stride, you can tell he’s looking for something more — and so is she.

Check out the song and video below and let us know if you’re feeling Brent’s latest.

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