Cassie & Ro James Take Us On A Seductive ‘Rollercoaster’ Ride

Cassie has wasted no time since announcing her pregnancy. The mother-to-be has been on a tear as she drops new single after new single. She's caught our ear so far with jams "Moments" and "Excuses." Now she's bringing Ro James into the fold for her new duet "Rollercoaster."

The experimental R&B sound she's enjoyed playing in over the years is very present on "Rollercoaster." Drums, 808s and synths bumble and percolate just beneath surface, giving the effect of a roller coaster inching toward the peak of the first drop. The groove is a perfect fit for the singer's airy vocal as she sings about wanting to be her man's everything while the track builds. Ro James' gritty rasp of a voice is used as a complement to Cassie's, giving us a juxtaposition of soft and rough that keeps things pretty interesting. Also adding to that is the chorus, which commands us to do the opposite of what the song's title suggests and instead move slowly and sensually to reach the high we're looking for.

With this influx of material, it's quite obvious that our girl Cassie has more than just a bun in the oven. The only real question is when we can expect it. But perhaps we should just follow Cassie and Ro James' advice by taking it slow and enjoying her latest.

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