Guordan Banks Is Yearning For The Truth In ‘Can’t Keep Runnin”

Singer/songwriter Guordan Banks is out to keep things interesting in 2019. In February, he dropped his latest single "Can’t Keep Runnin'," which offered a twist on The Gap Band’s 1980 classic “Yearning for Your Love.” Whereas Uncle Charlie Wilson’s desire was driven by blissful devotion, with Guordon it seems that the thrill of the chase has just about run out as he sings, “I’m patient / But you can’t be playing / You're taken / Just let me know.”

The accompanying ADDAM
-directed video serves as proof that things may not always be as they seem. Set in a romantic backdrop, complete with a fireplace and private pool, we watch as the Philly native courts his lady, played by Lisa Raye’s daughter, Kai Morae. He pulls out all the stops, as she awakes to gentle forehead kisses and is fed strawberries and whipped cream as they sip champagne. All seems well, except for the fact that she is often distracted by calls and notifications on her cellphone and vanishes just as things between the two of them heat up. Puzzled by it all, Guordan continues his pursuit, though his frustration is obvious. The drama culminates with an unpredictable ending, as the individual sharing in his lover’s affection isn’t who he might’ve expected.

Watch Guordan Banks’ video for “Can’t Keep Runnin’,” and be sure to add the track to your summer playlist from your favorite digital platform. The single is said to be the first release from his upcoming album Blood on the Vinyl, the follow-up his 2017 debut Unpopular.

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