Nicole Bus Has Nothing But Words For ‘Mr. Big Shot’

Nicole Bus seemed to come out of nowhere this year. The artist burst onto the scene with her breakthrough single "You" last December and quietly crept on a come-up thanks to her unique voice, soulful sound and the skillful employ of a shared sample with the Wu-Tang Clan. Now that she's got our attention, she's giving us more of what brought us to her door with the release of her follow-up single "Mr. Big Shot."

For "Mr. Big Shot," the Roc Nation signee delivers on more hip-hop-soul feels thanks to bumpin' sampled drums that knock quite nicely. The drums set up the foundation for the track, which finds Nicole brushing off a fella trying to kick some game. It seems that this particular guy thinks that his money and clout is enough to win her affections. It seems that he's got another thing coming, though. "See I fall in love / You fall in lust / No fancy diamonds / Can buy my trust," she sings on the song's bridge, "There's more to love than what you're thinking of / This world's not yours, oh no." She might make it sound as sweet as sugar with her honeyed vocals, but make no mistake that this particular Mr. Messed Up is getting a kiss-off.

"Mr. Big Shot" is the latest single to arrive from Nicole Bus' upcoming debut album on Roc Nation. That's not all she's got going either, as she's currently opening for Common on his Let Love Tour. If you want to check out the songstress live, we'd suggest you get a ticket soon, as she wraps up her run with the rap legend this Friday. Check out "Mr. Big Shot" below to hear why she's an artist you don't want to miss.

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