SoulBounce Exclusive: Watch Blossom Bloom In ‘Glitch’

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While many of us can barely function after a breakup, singer-songwriter Blossom used a failed relationship as the inspiration for her song "Glitch." This ain't another sad love song, though. Taken from her sophomore album Maybe, "Glitch" finds Blossom both in her feels and feeling a little petty over the course of the song's two movements.

On the front end, the Portland, Oregon-based artist by way of Trinidad & Tobago is a little sad and blue as she laments, "Have you ever wondered if the pain would fade?" over haunting keys and brooding synths that match her grieving. About halfway through, however, the tempo switches to something a little more upbeat and her sadness segues into anger. When she sings the lyrics, "Hope your fingers bleed when you think of me, that's my reality," it's clear that she's big mad. By the instrumental outro, Blossom takes things to the dance floor and shakes it all off when the bass kicks in.

To bring the song to life, Blossom decided to film the visual for "Glitch" in someplace that has given her life over the years, Portland's popular live music venue Mississippi Studios. Blossom and director Timslew of Soundlapse have the intimate venue all to themselves as his camera focuses on her getting lost in the music – everywhere from the stage to the balcony.

According to Blossom, it was important for her to make this video in this setting. "Mississippi Studios is a place that I've encountered some of my favorite musical moments. It's become a safe space for me to express myself, and I wanted the visual to show that. Me...deep in serenity," she shared. Ironically, "Glitch" actually got its start here, too. "I met the person I wrote this song about at Mississippi Studios as well," she admits, "and it's only fitting to film the end where it all started."

Cheers to Blossom for not letting that bad romance and the memories attached to it taint one of her favorite places. Well played, sis.

Watch Blossom take over Mississippi Studios and take back her power in SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of "Glitch." If you missed her LP Maybe when it dropped in May, catch up now with a listen from your digital music provider of choice. Be sure to stay in the know about Blossom and all that she's got going on via InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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