Cousin Does It Again With ‘Cousin, Vol. 1’

For many, summer time is the right time for family reunions. Sure, sometimes they can be hit or miss (especially if that one family member who had no business doing it decided to make the potato salad), but it's always better when you run into that one favorite cousin who you just vibe with. Speaking of favorite cousins with an undeniable vibe, our favorites Cousin are back! The trio have revamped their lineup, with Rob Milton and Kreion now joined by producer Dana Johnson, and dropped their latest EP Cousin, Vol. 1.

Vol. 1 is an expansion on the original sound found on their previous efforts, Best Life and remix EP Best Life 2.0, with the crew delivering more of their chilled-out R&B sound with a little something extra. Opening track "Easy" is the set's biggest draw, with Rob and Kreion singing over Dana's simple yet evocative production as they sing of a love that needs no effort to sustain itself. Once they catch our attention with something a bit more traditional, they then take us on an unexpected ride from "Infinity" and beyond.

"Infinity" itself is a synth-laden jam that bumps along quite nicely while taking on a slightly futuristic sound. "Bpm 69," meanwhile, flips the script completely. The track sails along on a reggae-like bass line as Rob and Kreion take turns flirting with the listener. While we're not exactly sure what "swing low blackberry boom boom" means, we're definitely intrigued as they sing "I think I've got a taste for you." "Drew's Song" closes out the four-song set and is probably the most experimental. The musical backdrop is sparse, with lots of space for the vocalists to play as the beat is only kept by the thump of a kick drum. It's a slow burner of a track that will more than likely be the score to many a late-night session.

Cousin definitely did the damn thing with Cousin, Vol. 1 — and this is just the beginning as Vol. 2 is just around the corner. Stream the project below and be sure to pick the EP at your digital retailer of choice.

Cousin Cousin, Vol. 1 [Amazon][Apple Music][Google Play]

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