Doja Cat Is Ripe For The Picking In ‘Juicy’

Doja Cat had released her debut album Amala a full five months before she hit viral fame when her absurd novelty single "Mooo!" went viral and upped her profile to mainstream levels. Not one to waste an opportunity, Doja re-released the album earlier this year as a deluxe edition along with three additional tracks — including her next breakout track "Juicy." The song has since gotten a remix featuring Tyga and now has a colorful video to match.

"Juicy" is all about Doja's assets, particularly her ample derrière. "If you can see it from the front, wait 'til you see it from the back," she coos on the chorus while riding the synth-laden, 808-heavy beat like a pro. The video finds the rapper/singer playing off the song's title while dressing to represent different fruits. Cherries, watermelons, grapes, bananas, peaches, limes...they're all ripe for the picking and getting squeezed by Doja's metaphor as she lets you know that she's got the plumpest fruit of them all. Her point is made as she prances around in barely-there outfits while showing off her cornucopia of goodies, if you catch our drift. Meanwhile, Tyga pops up to make lemonade out of his lemons for a hot second, though Doja and her larger-than-life personality are rarely out of the frame long enough for the rapper to steal her shine.

Say what you will about Doja Cat's approach to music and her willingness to be silly to get her music heard, but you can't deny that "Juicy" is quite the jam. Or maybe jelly is the more appropriate term here since jam don't shake like that. Either way, you get the point. Get into Doja's latest sensation below.

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