Get Ready To ‘Hang’ With Gregory Porter & Friends On His New Podcast

Gregory Porter has built a reputation as one of jazz music's premiere vocalists. Now he is ready to tackle a new frontier with the upcoming launch of new his podcast The Hang on August 8th.

During the 10-episode series, Porter will chat with famous pals like Kamasi WashingtonGilles PetersonAnnie LennoxAmma Asante and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Actor Jeff Goldblum also drops in for The Hang's debut where he credits Porter with helping him nab his current deal with Decca Records. Porter and Goldblum, who is also a jazz pianist, recount how Porter asked Goldblum to back him during a live performance on The Graham Norton Show in 2017. Goldblum then surprises Porter by stating that that appearance is what caught the attention of his record label, ultimately leading to the release of his debut album, 2018's The Capitol Studio Sessions. The revelation noticeably catches Porter off-guard. "I am the reason why Jeff Goldblum got a recording contract?" he marvels.  "I mean, I'll take that snippet and run with it, but it's nothing without you."

Porter's rich, conversational tone is just as enchanting as his singing voice. Based on the teaser, listeners are in for an insightful and laid-back experience. Press play to check out this sneak peek of The Hang when it premieres on August 8th on your favorite streaming service.

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