GoldLink, Tyler, The Creator & Jay Prince Have A Wild Night In ‘U Say’

This summer has been jam-packed with new releases. Despite the overwhelming amount of new material, a few projects stand out from the crowd. This includes GoldLink's Diaspora, which has solid cuts like "Joke Ting," "Zulu Screams" and laid-back summer jam "U Say." With summer nearing its end, we were wondering when "U Say" would get the video treatment and we're pleasantly surprised this week when it popped up in our queue.

Picking up on the song's laid-back party vibes, the track's video takes us into what looks to be a party at a semi-crowded bar. The camera finds GoldLink, who is seated ordering a drink. He soon heads over to mack a cutie before she's snatched away by her friends. Unfazed, he continues rhyming before handing off to Jay Prince for the assist on the chorus. It's when Tyler, The Creator chimes in for his verse that we realize something isn't quite right here. A heavily tattooed fella picks a fight with the emcee before getting beat down by security. This sets off a chain reaction that evacuates the space, leaving our three homies surrounded by dancers who don't seem to be quite OK. Before they can pounce, though, a priest wielding holy water saves the day and the ladies scatter. Yeah, we didn't see that coming, either.

"U Say" continues the trend of GoldLink getting cinematic with it when it comes to video treatments. With him mixing in several elements of film into his visuals, we can't wait to see what ideas he cooks up for the next one. But let's slow our roll and enjoy what he's released at the moment. Watch "U Say" when you press play below.

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