Jorja Smith & Burna Boy Try To Beat The Heat In ‘Be Honest’

With the promotion for her debut Lost & Found and the summer winding down, the last thing we expected from British chanteuse Jorja Smith was a summer banger. Yet here we are in mid-August, and here she is with her new jam "Be Honest." The singer teams up with international sensation Burna Boy for her latest effort, and it might just be the perfect late entry to your summertime playlists.

Jorja dives into island-tinged grooves for the track, with a lilting guitar and a nice little riddim setting up the track's tropical vibe. She uses it as an opportunity to address a cutie who's been giving her the eye. "You see my thick thighs / Lost when you look into my brown eyes / See my little waist can make you switch sides," she sings with the confidence of a woman who knows she's all that. Later, on the song's chorus, she's even more direct, singing simply, "Be honest / You want this." Miss Smith isn't the only one bringing the heat, though. Burna Boy proves an equal partner when it comes to flirting as he sings, "Gimme one time / One try / You'll be mine."

While they flirt and tease on the track, the two don't actually appear on screen together for the video, but you can still feel the heat...literally. We catch up with Jorja and her crew during a British heatwave that has everyone lounging around her living room in swimwear with fans on full blast. When that just doesn't do enough, they eventually hit a swimming pool as they seek to cool themselves down. Burna Boy also appears, though he seems to be beating the heat solo and in a colorful shirt as he fantasizes in his bedroom. The clip is pretty hot in every sense of the word.

"Be Honest" looks to be a one-off single thus far. But who knows? Maybe we might be getting some new-new from Jorja Smith sooner than we realized.

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