Kevin Michael Is More Than Ready If You’re ‘Down’

Six years is a long time to wait, especially when you know whatever you're waiting on is going to be damn good. Thankfully, Kevin Michael was done with the waiting game when he dropped his jam "Sidenixxa" back in June. It looks like he's got even more in store, though, as he's just released yet another new joint, the sexy single "Down."

Kevin is letting his inner freak loose for the enticing single. In case the cheeky single cover didn't clue you in, the singer is taking it to the bedroom for "Down" and challenging his lover to meet him on his level. "When I'm all on you / And you're all over me / And we're burning, burning underneath the sheets / I'm gon' lay it down, is you gon' lay it down?" He asks on the chorus while seductive synths, bass and the speaker-rattling knock of drums keep the mood on the freakier side. It's enough to get anyone hot under the collar, especially with Kevin's gorgeously arranged vocals beckoning the listener to drop their inhibitions (and clothes) to engage in a freaky fantasy.

"Down" seems to be just a step in Kevin Michael's return. The singer appears to be embracing all aspects of himself and bringing those parts to the public as he crafts his next move. We don't know about you guys, but we're most assuredly down to go wherever the multi-talented musician wants to take us on his musical journey. But first, let him get you open when you listen to "Down" below.

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