Gallant & Sabrina Claudio Come Together For A Beautiful ‘Compromise’

The autumnal equinox is nearing and the need for booty-shaking club anthems and trunk-rattling jams is waning. That means music lovers are turning their ears to more introspective, thought-provoking fare. Our boy Gallant might have just what we need with his upcoming Sweet Insomnia. But in case you still need a little bump with your serious thoughts, he splits the difference with his latest single "Compromise."

"Compromise" delves into the "tropical house" trend in music, delivering a simmering synth groove along with an 808 thump and drums that knock. With that in place, he and featured guest Sabrina Claudio sing about the politics of relationships. It finds him feeling alone and looking for a way to mend fences in his relationship. Finally coming to a breaking point, he extends an olive branch on the chorus, singing simply, "I'll compromise with you." Sabrina agrees with his sentiment, sweetly singing of forgotten reasons for fights and stubborn excuses to keep them going and agreeing to a truce.

Instead of going narrative for the song's video, Gallant and Sabrina opt for beauty. We see the two singers standing amongst nature as sunlight breaks through the branches of trees. The only additions to the landscape are billowing pieces of blue, white and gold fabric draped about, giving the visual a sense of drama without infringing on the twosome's performance.

"Compromise" follows other relationship-oriented singles "Sleep On It," "Sharpest Edges" and "Crimes," showing that Sweet Insomnia will find Gallant with love on the brain when it arrives next month. Check out the stream and video for his latest single below.

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