SiR & Sabrina Claudio Resign Themselves To Lust In ‘That’s Why I Love You’

Relationships are a tricky thing. Yes, they can be exhilarating, romantic and joyous. They can also be exhausting, annoying and tedious AF. Sometimes the perfect thing to find is someone who's down to get down and then get up and go. SiR and Sabrina Claudio understand this sentiment and even made a song about it, Chasing Summer's "That's Why I Love You." The two even made a steamy video for the track which they recently dropped.

The clip is a sensual, sepia-toned dreamscape that finds the singers mostly apart as they sing about their special arrangement in intimate settings. SiR is wrapped up in the sheets literally while surrounded by a bevy of shapely beauties in various stages of dress. Sabrina, meanwhile, is dressed in stylish intimates while standing sexily in dimly lit corridors and laying on what looks to be a bed of nails. It's when the two come together, though, that the sparks truly fly. They don't do much more than lean on and embrace each other, but the chemistry and tension are there as they sing about resigning themselves to lust instead of the entanglements that a full-fledged love affair would inevitably bring.

Sure, the song itself is slightly anti-romantic (though it actually fits perfectly with the current time), but sometimes the best kind of love song is one that keeps it real. Peep what we mean when you watch the video for SiR and Sabrina Claudio's "That's Why I Love You" below.

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