Tyler, The Creator Takes Aim At Heartbreak In ‘A BOY IS A GUN*’

Tyler, The Creator's IGOR, while an obvious musical progression from his previous work, offered some of the rapper's most surprising moments of his career. One of the most unexpected sentiments was his frankness in addressing same-sex relationships on songs such as "A BOY IS A GUN*," which chronicles a breakup over a soulful sample and booming 808s. That track now joins "EARFQUAKE" as one of the songs from the album to get a creative visual.

Tyler puts on his director cap as he channels new wave cinema in the clip. Donning his blonde, bowl-cut wig again, he portrays a man being driven mad by his relationship's demise. He stalks around his palatial estate in exquisitely shot scenes revealing that even though he seems to be living the life there is still trouble in paradise. After a tense breakfast, it all comes to a head and his clean-cut guy is walking out of the door with bags in hand. Tyler doesn't seem to take that too well, though, as he runs out after him and then returns to his luxurious foyer only to collapse into tears.

Tyler, The Creator's always had a keen eye and ear and the visual for "A BOY IS A GUN*" shows that he's only getting better and sharper as his artistry progresses.