Bey Bright Returns With More ’90s Sounds On ‘Soul Nostalgia 2’

It's been a year since Bey Bright dropped his EP Soul Nostalgia, with its authentic '90s R&B grooves. To commemorate the first anniversary of Soul Nostalgia's release, Bright decided to compile a new collection of throwback-sounding jams on Soul Nostalgia 2.

The new project picks up right where the last one left off. The EP begins with "Together As One (Hip Hop Soul Remix)" with featured vocalist Nia Simmons. The original track was included on Soul Nostalgia and was a solid R&B number. For the remix, Bey added some more bass and himself into the mix, with the producer kicking a verse to kick the updated version off. Bright keeps the hip-hop soul vibe going on the next track "Put Me On." Instead of rapping this time around, he croons to the object of his desire, channeling the greats of the '90s. "Hey sexy love, you gotta put me on / I just want a piece of your love," Bey sings lyrics that sound like A Tribe Called Quest and Guy mashup.

Included on Soul Nostalgia 2 are the singles "Sexy Love" and "Beautiful Thing," both of which he released earlier in the year. "Sexy Love" keeps the throwback party going with Ezinne on vocals as she gushes about wanting "to do it, do it, do it all night" with her man. She's turned on and ready to turn up in the bedroom. Things turn from lust to love on "Beautiful Thing." Bey shares vocal duties with singer Donáe, and they sing like a couple in love. A well-placed Rick James sample is the cherry on top.

For the final track, Bright takes listeners to the dance floor – not that we ever left. The EP concludes with "Beautiful Thing (Soulful House Remix)" with an uptempo sound bed perfect to work up a sweat to. You'll also find yourself singing along to the catchy chorus ("So beautiful, so wonderful, so special") and getting your boogie oogie oogie on to this one.

Bey Bright has brought us another feel-good collection of songs that sound like the best of the '90s on Soul Nostalgia 2. The decade may be long gone, but he is keeping the sounds of that era alive with his productions.

Bey Bright Soul Nostalgia 2 [Amazon][Google Play]

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