Mahalia Doesn’t ‘Hide’ Her Talent From ‘COLORS’

Berlin's COLORS Studio has become a hub for indie/underground/rising artists to connect with music lovers in a unique way. The genre-inclusive venue has welcomed incredible talents from all over the world, but only a golden few have been invited to perform more than once. British singer Mahalia joined that number when she stopped by for her second COLORS feature – performing "Hide Out" from her debut album Love and Compromise.

Against a cerulean background nearly identical to that of her 2017 performance of "Sober," Mahalia grabs our attention visually as she channels the '90s with fresh kicks and a colorful leather jacket reminiscent of the popular "8-ball" style.  But before we even hear her sing-rap a note, the Maths Times Joy-produced song holds us captive with a boom-bap beat and a snippet of a famous interview featuring actress/singer Eartha Kitt. Mahalia then proceeds to melodically read her cheating lover for filth, listing all the ways he messed up a good thing. "Always talkin' 'bout the future when you not even present / I'm the prize, I'm a blessing / I was cool to slow down, you were busy racing / Had it all figured out, you knew I'd cave in / I was all in and you were all out / I'll come back up after this comedown."  Our girl is spilling all the tea and sounding flawless in the process.

Watch Mahalia's COLORS performance below, then grab yourself a copy of her amazing debut Love and Compromise.  If you want to hear her perform this and other tracks in person, visit her website for a full list of tour dates and get your tickets before they sell out.

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