Majid Jordan Get Us Into Their New Groove With ‘Superstar’

Since their arrival on the scene, Majid Jordan has been known for crafting romantic melodies dedicated to the ladies. That meant that the duo had a catalog of mostly slow jams and smooth grooves that you can slow dance to with you lover. It looks like the guys are trying to switch up their formula a bit on whatever project they have coming up. At least, that's what it seems like with their new single "Superstar."

The first you notice when you press play on the track is that the bpm is ticked up to a head-nodding tempo. A bubbly bass line sets things off quite lovely and the rest of the track is filled out with synths and crisp drums. The groove might be different, but the subject remains the same. Love is on their mind as they wax on about a lady they can't get enough of. "I just wanna spend my life with you," the group's vocalist Majid Al-Maskati sings. "Go around the world and to the moon." The feel of the jam is quite delicious and a nice switch-up from what we've come to expect.

"Superstar" follows "Caught Up" as Majid Jordan's second new song to drop this year. We're not quite sure what that means but we're happy to wait and find out as long as they keep jams like this one coming.

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