Mark Ronson & YEBBA Hit Us In The Heart In ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’

Mark Ronson's Late Night Feelings, though full of dance-able tunes, felt out of place when it dropped this past June. That's mainly because the collection was all about heartache — from unrequited love to the searing heartbreak of loneliness post breakup. Now that fall is here and folks are more willing to delve into feelings more complicated than a summer fling, maybe the album will get its just due. Mark is smartly taking advantage of the seasonal switch, too, by releasing the video for the YEBBA-featuring centerpiece of the album, "Don't Leave Me Lonely."

The video treatment for the album treats the song like the anthem it is. The camera first finds YEBBA as it pans upward, taking in every inch of the billowing blue fabric she's wearing before zooming into her face and revealing the tears brimming in her eyes. A quick cut reveals Mark right behind her at the keys as she sings earnestly of not wanting to be alone tonight. Though the clip starts with her alone, she is soon joined by more than just Mark as night becomes day. A crowd surrounds the two of them as YEBBA takes them all in before turning to the camera for one final chorus, which she sells with conviction and earnestness before the screen fades to black.

As we said, "Don't Leave Me Lonely" is the bleeding heart of the album. However, it isn't the only thing the project has going for it. If you happened to skip it in order to keep summer's good vibes going, we heavily recommend that you cozy up to it this fall. But before you do that, take in the majestic music video below.

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