Moonchild Delivers Interstellar Fun With ‘What You’re Doing’

We can always count on Moonchild to provide aural satisfaction with their intoxicating sound, an archetype that remains true with their current album Little Ghost. But the California trio of Amber Navran, Andris Mattson and Max Bryk aren't just purveyors of jazzy delights, they also have a knack for providing unique visual entertainment. In fact, their new video for "What You're Doing" can be considered out-of-this-world.

Set in the groovy '60s, the Shawheen Keyani-directed clip begins with a cute couple leaving the house to spend the day together. No sooner than they pull away from the curb, an extraterrestrial duo beams down from the UFO Rainbow Express. As you can imagine, delightful shenanigans ensue as the cerulean visitors discover the joys of earthly living – trying on clothes, destroying a blender, using the telephone and, of course, watching Moonchild perform on a vintage TV. Their curious innocence is joyfully infectious as they dance and become enamored with mundane household items.

With the album title deriving inspiration from the little ghost nebula, it’s only fitting that the cosmic influence flows through to the visuals as well. Watch "What You're Doing" below, purchase a copy of Little Ghost and make plans to see Moonchild perform live in a city near you.

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