Tisha Campbell Is Ready To Move On In ’22 Summers’

Tisha Campbell and her ex-husband Duane Martin were Black Hollywood couple goals once upon a time. Then, suddenly, it was all over and a bitter divorce battle followed. Now that the dust has settled and each person has moved on with their lives, Tisha is exorcising some old demons. She recently opened up to cameras with her episode of TV One's Uncensored series in which she detailed career, childhood abuse and her next chapter. Now she's bringing that open and honest vibe to her music with brand new single and visual "22 Summers."

The number in the song's title addresses the 22 years of marriage she shared with Duane, and the song's lyrics seem to address things that went down during that period. "Pain's just a part of life / Heartbreak never nice / Had to let the tears dry / Time just flies by," she sings on the opening verse while following the smooth groove provided by producer PK. She continues that narrative in the song's video, which depicts a few moments from her life. Her leading man in the clip starts off loving and caring as Tisha stands center screen. However, we see him in a new light — literally — as he starts to yell, scream and become abusive toward her. Tisha stands resilient through it all, though, and even sports a smile on her face as she announces that she's keeping it moving to whatever the next phase of her life might be.

"22 Summers" follows a string of singles that Tisha Campbell has released over the past few years. It hasn't resulted in an album thus far but maybe — just maybe — the actress/singer might be ready to bless us with a new collection. Guess we'll just wait and see.

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