Yuna & Tyler, The Creator Lounge On Memory Lane In ‘Castaway’

Yuna and Tyler, The Creator seem to be the most unlikely of collaborators. However, when the Malaysian singer-songwriter dropped her album Rouge this year, there he was among the list of guest artists. It also turned out that their song together, "Castaway," was actually one of the standout tracks of the set. Now the song is Yuna's latest video from the project.

She translates the song's vintage feel quite well in the visual, which shows her walking around an old house as she thinks back on a failed relationship. Memories are everywhere she looks, with clothes and shoes left exactly where the people who wore them once stood. Her styling also has a vintage feel going on, with her sweater and pants looking as if they came from a time warp. Tyler, The Creator literally pops up at random, spitting his rhymes everywhere from the bathtub (it's apparently his thing) to the kitchen table. The focus soon turns back to Yuna and her travel through memory lane. That, too, abruptly ends when bright lights seen to flash in the sky outside. She finally steps out only to be transfixed by what she sees before she also disappears, leaving only a pile of clothes where she once stood.

Yuna's been coming with the creative visuals this time around and "Castaway" is no different. We can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve next.

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