Ciscero & Masego Are Down To Bounce, Rock, Skate & Roll In ‘Good To Know’

Everybody loves a good dose of nostalgia, especially the current generation. That's perfect for purveyors of culture inspired by the art of yesteryear such as the DMV's own Ciscero. His style of rhyming is reminiscent of the golden age of '90s hip-hop. He's taking it a bit further back than that, though, in the video for his recently released single "Good To Know." How far back, you ask? All the way back to the rollerskating craze of the 1970s.

Using the 2005 flick Roll Bounce as a template, Ciscero and Masego recreate the feel of the era as they and a few factions strap on skates and bounce along to the song's groove. The rink is full of tribes — with ballers, gangsters, nerds, bad joints and others all doing their best to evoke the time in short-shorts, Afros and polyester. Ciscero marches to the beat of his own drum, though, which is why he's part of his own crew, the rebels. The laid-back cut is actually perfect to skate to as evidenced by all the dancers gliding across the floor as they shake it down to the track. Once all is said and done, though, the fickle crew he's assembled in the parking lot at video's end is pulled away in an instant once they peep the young ballers, who arrive in a sweet ride. Oh well.

We already loved this joint and the friendly chemistry between Ciscero and Masego. Having seen the fun video, we love it even more. More importantly, we think you will, too.

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