Melody Thornton Makes A Comeback With ‘Love Will Return’

The focus of The Pussycat Dolls may have been lead singer Nicole Scherzinger but there was another talented Doll waiting in the wings. After the group's inevitable dissolution, Melody Thornton tried to step out of the group's shadow in 2012 though she didn't make much of a buzz. The persistent songstress is back now with a new sound and new single "Love Will Return" to show why we need to keep our eyes on her.

She looks to the sounds of divas like Shirley BasseyEartha Kitt and Nancy Sinatra to craft a modern torch song with "Love Will Return." And, for the most part, she succeeds. She belts a tale of love and woe that transports us back to a '60s lounge full of patrons sipping bourbon and smoking cigarettes in sound and scope. This is accomplished mostly due to the dynamic production, which incorporates strings, flute and other orchestral elements and frames them in a pop aesthetic. However, while she does a pretty good job on vocal duties, her tone doesn't match the richness and warmth of those aforementioned '60s icons, especially Bassey, who this track was perhaps most modeled after. It's clear that Melody Thornton has been putting in work, though, as this is perhaps her strongest vocal to date.

"Love Will Return" is the first we're hearing from the singer's upcoming EP. We wonder if this sound sets the tone for the project or if she'll be bringing us a few surprises. Guess we'll find out when the set drops early next year.

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