SoulBounce’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers

Prince Literature

Although it’s been nearly four years since his untimely passing, the world is still mourning the loss of Prince. So it comes as no surprise that interest in his life and those in his inner circle remains at an all-time high. The Purple One’s legacy can continue to live on thanks to three recently released books surrounding the life of this enigmatic legend.

What better way to delve into the inner workings of Prince than in his words? His long-awaited memoir, The Beautiful Ones, dropped in October and it did not disappoint, making it the perfect gift for any fan. Already named one of the best books of the year by The Washington Post and a New York Times no. 1 bestseller, the book takes readers on a four-part journey through his life through his words and rare photos providing insight into his musical genius and upbringing.

Morris Day, the lead singer of The Time and a close friend of Prince, with his memoir On Time: A Princely Life of Funk. Co-penned by legendary biographer David Ritz, Day takes readers on a journey through his lifelong friendship with Prince, including the rift that drove them apart and their reconnection just two short months before his 2016 death.

Lastly, Randee St. NicholasMy Name is Prince is a stunning collection of photographs that spans 25 years of Prince’s career and rounds out this trio of new works dedicated to his life. The photographer compiled some of the intimate and behind-the-scenes images that she captured during her tenure with Prince. The result is an in-depth look at Prince’s career that would make a perfect gift for both the Prince diehards and general music fans alike. — Ivory

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